Crickley Hill Family Photo Shoot, Cheltenham

It's been a busy few weeks. Work aside, we've been celebrating Master Mouse's 4th Birthday, which was great fun! Our planned picnic in The Park campus was rained off and was instead celebrated upstairs in The Exmouth, (not that the parents complained with the bar so very close!)

There's also been the big school debacle! Our little Mouse starts school this September, we didn't get our first choice and so Mrs Mouse, (me!) has been working round the clock drafting an appeal case. 

Family life aside, here's one of my shoots from a couple of weeks ago that took place on Crickley Hill. I've been wanting to do a photo shoot up there for ages, so couldn't wait to meet Rachel and her family. It was a Friday evening and the light was beautiful. Here's a snippet. The full collection can be found here.