Cheltenham Connect Show

Cheltenham Connect is a highly successful local community initiative that was founded in 2009 and that has gone on to be one of the fastest growing and most active initiatives in Cheltenham. It was set up with the aim of strengthening and empowering the residential and trading community of South Cheltenham ( Leckhampton, Naunton Park, The Bath Road, The Suffolks, Tivoli and The Park). Anyone in Cheltenham can become a member, especially if you are interested in supporting the area.

Over the last few years, Mouse About Town has formed close connections with this organisation. I shot their 2012 village show, which was held in the Bath Road Market at the time, so I was thrilled to be invited along this year to document their 2014 show!

Bakers, makers and growers were all invited to come along and exhibit their talents, and maybe even win the 'best-in-show' award for their pumpkin, cake, jam or needlework! There were children's categories and a fancy dress parade too!  

It was a great afternoon with lots going on. I hope their next show will be as big a success.