The Big Saturday

Last Saturday I attended a very special music festival at my son's school, St James Primary, Cheltenham. 

This epic event was the first in St James' history. It was a massive fundraising effort, held to support Natalia Spencer, who is  currently walking the entire coastline of Great Britain to raise money for the Bristol Children's Hospital, and to remember her daughter, Elizabeth, who was a pupil at St James and who tragically died last year.

The festival was a huge success. The sun was shining and the air was filled with the wonderful sound of children's chatter and laughter. Happy faces beamed with rainbow smiles that dazzled in the sunshine. It was a vibrant and colourful carnival of fun that has created wonderful memories for all those who came along. Elizabeth would have been very proud and I think her smile was felt on each and every one of us.

Big thanks to all those who helped to organised the event and to the many local businesses who donated equipment and raffle prizes, (myself included). As you'll see from the photos below, there was a main stage with school productions going on all day followed by live music in the evening, (I sadly had to leave at 6pm to go onto another job) but I still captured lots of the action! School children ran their own stalls, there were ukulele workshops, reading work shops with the fabulous Tracey Courdroy , willow weaving, crafts and so much more!

If you would like to find out more about The Big Saturday, Natalia and her story or make a donation then follow the links below. Thanks!

The Big Saturday:

Elizabeth's Footprint: