Event Photography

My background is fine art photography, which I studied at Central St Martins, London. I am a naturally creative person with a great eye for detail. I've a very discreet approach towards documentary photography, which is very important when trying to capture the raw energy of an event. I move around the crowds, quietly observing and watching. My photography will compliment your story, giving a strong impact, which will attract attention. It is thanks to my experiences that I am able to produce striking images that capture the emotion of the event.

There are many links below to various events I have covered but I also photograph many weddings too. For photos of these please visit www.gillthomas.co.uk.

My fee for an event varies from client to client, I'm very flexible depending on budget and other constraints. It's always best to give me a call to chat through your requirements or send me a form using my contact page. Thanks!