Timbercombe Woods

Last Saturday I photographed Toby, his wife Vicky and their two daughters, Georgie and Frankie. The meeting point was Timbercombe Lane in Charlton Kings. A great woodland spot that opens up onto spectacular fields and open space with panoramic views - the walk up the steep incline through the woods was definitely worth it!

The photo shoot was a gift to Vicky from her parents for her 40th. They had 60 minutes of fun filled, relaxed photos! We mixed up the shots with some simple portraits of the girls and fun family ones too.

If you would like to book something similar then please get in touch using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414. I'd love to hear from you!

Farm Fantastic!

On a mega busy Saturday this was the fourth of seven photo shoots at Down Hatherley Farm with the very entertaining Will and Beth! These kids are cousins to the Hulberts, who I've photographed previously on their farm over in Swindon Village. Click here to view the photos from that photo shoot.

I do love farms, they make great backdrops for photos. I'm very envious of all those who are lucky enough to live and work on one. I've dreams to own my own small holding one day. For now though, I'll have to make do with just taking photos!

If you would like to book something similar then I'd love to hear from you. Just send me a form using my contact page or call me on 07983 465414. Thanks!

mouse scooter.png


A few days ago I met up with Lindsay, Dave and their bonnie little lad, 11 month old Oliver, on Chosen Hill, a beautiful escarpment above Churchdown village.

I can't remember the last time I went for a walk during bluebell season, I'm reluctant to admit that it's probably not since I was a child. We lived in a small village back in Kent and the local woods were abundant with  beautiful bluebells. 

We met in the car park at the top of the hill and once we'd found our bearings, (and the bluebells!) the photo shoot was soon under way. 

Oliver had a lovely time exploring the flowers, we even had a brief snow shower - a very strange experience to be stood among a carpet of bluebells with snow falling around us.  

I hope you like the photos, if you would like to book something similar then I'd love to hear from you! All of my photo shoots are very relaxed and informal - the whole family is welcome to join in - dogs and all! Just get in touch using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414. Thanks!

“The photos are fabulous, thank you so much! We love them!”
— Lindsay Hancock, April 2016

The Hobbs Family @ Churchdown

Mum of three, Jackie, contacted me recently to book in a family photo shoot - a Mother's Day gift from her husband, Jason.

They love walking on Churchdown Hill so it was the obvious choice for their photo shoot, which took place last night. I'd never been up there before so I was in for a real treat! The views are simply stunning, which were bettered only by the beautiful early evening sunshine we were lucky enough to enjoy! 

Eldest son Joe, daughter Ella and their youngest, 5 year old Lucas, all enjoyed this relaxed and informal session. Lucas was particularly enthusiastic about having his photograph taken! Mum and Dad even managed to get a few pictures of the two of them on their own!

“Thank you so much for the lovely photos - and for sending them so quickly. Have used one as my profile picture on Facebook - so many comments about what a lovely photo it is! Will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again.”
— Jackie Hobbs, April 2016


Last Sunday was another fun filled day with Mouse About Town heading up to Tewkesbury for a 30 minute location shoot with the delightful Josh. 

Josh has some sensory issues which makes him very shy. I worked extremely hard to help put him at ease just by chatting to him and distracting him from the camera. I spent the majority of my time simply chasing him around while he mucked about and had fun!

mouse with toy.png

Family Photo Shoot

Last Tuesday, Anna Burch asked me to her house in Charlton Kings to take some photos of her sister, Alex, and her young family, who are currently visiting the UK for the Summer. 

Much fun was spent playing peek-a-boo in Anna's garden shed, which reminded me of Dr Who's Tardis, and hide and seek, where I would run and hide and the kids would try and find me! We got some great, very candid shots of the family. 

I've done a couple of photo shoots for Anna before. Her son, Etie, is very keen on horse riding and last Autumn I photographed a farewell party for his beloved pony, Leo, who was going back to his owners in Surrey after an enjoyable Summer loan spent in the Cotswolds! For pictures of these photo shoots please use the following links:



Photo Shoot @ Leckhampton Hill

Last weekend was a busy one for Mrs Mouse. I had a wedding to photograph on the Saturday then back to back location and studio shoots on the Sunday. This one was with Sian, her brother and their families and children - Olly, Imogen, Lucy and Ellen. 

It was a 30 minute shoot and we all had great fun. If you would like to book something similar then drop me a line using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414.


Kellie Thomas

This was the second photo shoot I've done for Kellie, Chris and their 3 fab children, Paige, Hayley-Ann and Jackson.

Kellie asked me along this time to photograph Jackson in particular. It was his birthday a few days later and she wanted his nearly two's captured on camera!

As usual the girls tried to photo bomb every picture, which was hilarious, and Hayley-Ann's broken arm didn't seem to impede her much! 

Kellie booked a 60 minute photo shoot, which costs £150 and included all of the high resolution jpeg files. If you would like to book something similar please get in touch using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414.