Jamie's Food Revolution

Alex Hodgkinson-Last is the UK ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, a fantastic enterprise that celebrates good, fresh, real food. This year, Food Revolution Day is on May 20th and it's a day to shout about the benefits of cooking from scratch and to show people that not only is fresh food tastier, it can also make them healthier and happier.

Alex approached me about doing some profile pictures for him, which are to appear on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution website. He'd seen some photos of mine that I'd taken as part of my popular Good Life themed photo shoots. He thought the setting looked perfect for the feel he wanted to create in the photos.

So Alex popped down to my studio garden a few weeks ago and we spent 30 minutes or so working through some ideas, trying a few things out and generally having a bit of fun! Even one of my resident chickens, Rosie, made an appearance and as luck would have it, there were even three fresh eggs waiting for me to collect and incorporate into a shot!