Oscar's Baptism

I do lots of work for my local Church, St Philip and St James' in Leckhampton, and last year Nick Davies, the vicar there, asked if I could pop along to one of his Sunday morning services to take some photos.

As a family, we attend Nick's popular family services on the 1st of every month and this service was a particularly special one as there were 3 baptisms taking place!

The service was its usual busy, bustling self with dozens of children enjoying the play area that runs down one side of the Church. After the introductory procession of candles, where all of the children can carry a candle up to the alter, rugs were pulled out onto the floor at the front for the children to sit on. Nick got the whole congregation involved in his fabulous and warming sermon and the baptisms followed. It's always great during these family services to hear the Church so full of noise, which is really encouraged. The laughter and enjoyment from the children is clearly visible, (and heard!) To end the service, the children are invited to grab a musical instrument each and follow the choir back down the aisle again. Running, walking, skipping, hopping; they've all had a great time and enjoy a biscuit and squash at the end!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I had an enquiry come through from Oscar's parents, one of the children who got baptised during that service, asking if they could buy all of the pictures. I always back up my data so it was simply a case of going through my back up drives to retrieve the RAW files. 

I hope you like the pictures. If you're getting a little one christened or baptised or have another celebration you would like professionally photographed then I'd love to hear from you. All digital files are included in the price and there are no copyright restrictions, so you are free to make copies and print as you wish. For all enquiries or a quote please give me  a call on 07983 465414 or send an email to info@mouseabouttown.co.uk.

I love Gill’s work and she has done some lovely informal reportage shoots at services at St Philip and St James, Leckhampton. Very creative and a great rapport with the kids.
— Nick Davies, March 2016