Ali, George, Oliver & James

This is the second photo shoot I've done for Ali now. Our first photography session was done in Pittville Park when Mouse About Town was just starting out! Click here to view the pictures from it.

For their second shoot they left it to me to choose the location. I live opposite Park Campus in Tivoli and regularly take my own children there. It's Cheltenham's hidden gem  and absolutely great for photos. There's an enormous lake full of very hungry ducks, (they although they were scarce during our photo shoot) and oodles of beautiful specimen trees. You can pretty much guarantee to be the only people in it which makes for nice empty backgrounds free from cars, buildings and people.  

As usual, the photo shoot was full on fun right from the start! The boys loved playing hide and seek with me; Oliver would run off to hide with George leaving me to count while taking photos of James and Ali! There were scary dinosaur faces and even scarier roars, (well done George!) waving at planes as they flew over head, the odd brotherly cuddle, (got to be quick to catch it!) and a bit of peek a boo!

I hope you like the pictures!