The Bucklands

The Buckland family bought their photo shoot as a gift to celebrate their parents 50th wedding anniversary. None of them are local but were all staying in Cheltenham for the weekend as part of the celebrations. 

They booked 30 minutes but we went over time slightly as there were quite a few of them and they wanted particular group photos as well as more natural ones. I never mind if things overrun, so long as I don't have another shoot to get to of course! It's better to get the shots than not!  

If you would like to book something similar then please get in touch using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414. Thanks!

The Palmers

Rachel Palmer won this 60 minute photo shoot through the school raffle where my own son goes to school, St James Church of England.

I frequently donate photo shoots as various raffle prizes to help raise money for good causes. If you have an event you are organising and need a raffle prize then please get in touch using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414. 

Gill - we are amazed. Thank you so much - I know your work, (your reputation precedes you!) is very good but this massively exceeded our expectations. We love, love, love the images. You must get told all the time but you are a genius with the camera. We will be in touch for future shoots. Thank you again.
— Rachel & Mark Palmer, August 2016

Ali, George, Oliver & James

This is the second photo shoot I've done for Ali now. Our first photography session was done in Pittville Park when Mouse About Town was just starting out! Click here to view the pictures from it.

For their second shoot they left it to me to choose the location. I live opposite Park Campus in Tivoli and regularly take my own children there. It's Cheltenham's hidden gem  and absolutely great for photos. There's an enormous lake full of very hungry ducks, (they although they were scarce during our photo shoot) and oodles of beautiful specimen trees. You can pretty much guarantee to be the only people in it which makes for nice empty backgrounds free from cars, buildings and people.  

As usual, the photo shoot was full on fun right from the start! The boys loved playing hide and seek with me; Oliver would run off to hide with George leaving me to count while taking photos of James and Ali! There were scary dinosaur faces and even scarier roars, (well done George!) waving at planes as they flew over head, the odd brotherly cuddle, (got to be quick to catch it!) and a bit of peek a boo!

I hope you like the pictures!


It was lovely to meet Nina last week. Her Mum had taken advantage of the special introductory rate I was running and grabbed herself a bargain! For just £25 she received a 30 minute themed photo shoot with all digital files included.

Although Nina was a little shy to begin with, my suggestion of a game of peek a boo seemed to help warm her up. It also gave me a great opportunity to grab a few snaps of her hiding among the trees, a clever way to get nice pics of your little ones without them realising what I'm doing, plus they get to have lots of fun in the process!

The shoot took place at Park Campus in Tivoli, a favourite of mine as it's so peaceful there with very few people around. The backdrop is also great for photos!

If you would like to book something similar then I'd love to hear from you. Photo shoots cost just £50 and last for 30 minutes. All digital files included. To get in touch just go to the contact page or call me on 07983 465414. Thanks!


I've had the pleasure of photographing little Charlotte before. She popped into my Cheltenham photography studio in January with Mum and Dad, (and best friend Benson the dog!) Click here to view the pictures from that photo shoot. 

It was great to see her again for this special discounted photo shoot - Tu Tu and Tiaras is just one of half a dozen themes I'm introducing this year as part of my new themed photo shoots. 

We met on Park Campus in Tivoli. I love this location for a shoot as it is always so quiet and the scenery is stunning. Little Charlotte loved dressing up in the outfit I had lovingly sourced. Teamed with a selection of my own vintage jewellery, she looked like a princess with a punch!

If you would like to book one of these special themed photo shoots then I'd love to hear from you. They last for 30 minutes and cost just £50. All digital files included, (usually around 10-20). You can get in touch using the contact page or call me on 07983 465414. Thanks!