Photography Workshops

Photography Course Overview

This six hour course is split into three sessions that combine a mixture of practical and theoretical work. Sessions run over the course of three consecutive weeks with each session lasting two hours. In the first week we will cover camera basics and theory in my studio. You will then be given work sheets and a series of projects to complete during the week for critique in the second session. Through practical and theoretical methods we will look at ways of improving so that by the third week you will notice significant improvement in your ability, technique and overall camera knowledge. 

Teaching is on a one to one basis, (or two people booking together) and can be tailored to suit your individual photographic needs. Lessons are ideally suited to beginner and intermediate photographers with digital SLR cameras. Sessions are relaxed and informal and fun.

Detailed Course Outline

Typical elements covered in the photography workshop are outlined below. Please note however, your existing knowledge will depend on how much of the course outline can be covered.

Week 1: Knowing Your Camera (theory)

  • How a digital camera works. 
  • Lens choices: prime or zoom? 
  • Understanding the Golden Triangle: shutter speed, aperture and ISO.  
  • Depth of field:  how to control depth of field in your photograph.
  • Exposure: what is the correct exposure?  Camera metering explained.

Week 2: Practical Photography (theory and location)

  • Photography critique.
  • Photography disciplines: how to take the perfect portrait.
  • B&W photography. 
  • Composition: what makes a good photograph?
  • Using natural light: direction, quality and colour temperature of natural light.
  • Low light photography.

Week 3: Digital Photography Tools (studio based)

  • Interpreting your camera’s histogram.
  • File types.
  • An introduction to Adobe Lightroom.
  • Post processing images: colour correction and digital techniques.

Photography Workshop Prices

£350 (3x 2 hour sessions over 3 weeks totalling 6 hours. This can be split between two people.)

£250 (2x 2 hour sessions over 2 weeks totalling 4 hours. This can be split between two people.)

£150 (1x 2 hour session over 1 week totalling 2 hours. This can be split between two people.)

If you wish to enquire about booking one of my photography workshops, please call me on 07983 465414 or send an email to Thanks!

About Me

I have been working as a full time professional photographer for the last 10 years after graduating from Central St Martins in 2004 with a fine art photography degree. Central St Martins is a world famous art college and is part of the University of the Arts London. I began my career photographing weddings and branched out into other subjects after the birth of my second child in 2013. My clients now cover an extremely broad spectrum and it is with this wealth of training, knowledge and experience that I feel able to help others fulfil their potential behind the lens.

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