Margaret Dabbs London

Margaret Dabbs London is a globally recognised brand specialising in feet and hand products and manicure and pedicure treatments for both men and women. They have five clinics in the UK and one in Dubai, with another two set to open in the very near future. Their Cheltenham branch stretches across two floors and is sited in a very prominent position opposite the Queens Hotel. It's a fabulous space once you set foot inside. 

I was booked by the company to take some interior pictures of their treatment rooms as well some staged shots of pedicure and manicure treatments. The photos are to appear on their website and across other media platforms.

If you are a company looking to rebrand or need some up to date shots of your business premises or require anything else, then do please get in touch using my contact page. Alternatively you can call me directly on 07983 465414. Thanks!

School Zone

School Zone is a specialist provider of market research and marketing services in the UK education sector. They are based in Cheltenham and approached me about taking some profile and group photos for their website. After a few email exchanges I was on board. 

The location for the shoot was at Dowdeswell Reservoir, or rather, in the woods behind. A beautiful spot that I shall be returning to for future shoots. The brief was to get some fun, natural images that captured people's characters. Nothing too formal or stuffy.

They were a lovely bunch of people to work with. All of them are ex-primary school teachers from around Cheltenham and they had all left their teaching posts because of the gruelling curriculum imposed on them by the Government. I've recently started home schooling my son so we had plenty to talk about!

If you would like to book something similar then please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you! You can use the form on my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414. Thanks!


Nikki got in touch with me recently to enquire about getting some professional photos done for her new website and business venture. She recently moved to Cheltenham, has just had her second child and is starting up her own personal training enterprise! 

She's still in the very early stages of getting the ball rolling but wanted some photos 'to get her going'. Her clients will be new Mum's and she wanted to show people what they can expect. Work outs can be performed either in the comfort of Nikki's own home, incorporating baby into the routines, and also in her garage, which she is in the middle of converting into a gym. 

If you would like to book something similar then please get in touch using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414. I'd love to hear from you! Thanks.

Miniature Music

Miniature Music is a music programme for children age 0-4 years, written and run by Zaphira Cormack, a Cheltenham based musician who loves children! 

Zaphira recently contacted me as she needed some professional photos taking of one of her classes, and oh what fun we all had!! There were bongos, ukuleles, (which the babies mostly wanted to eat!), finger puppet sing alongs, not to mention a very naughty crocodile! 

If you would like to find out more about Miniature Music then please go to Classes are informal and relaxed, with little ones able to pick up and play with a huge variety of different instruments. It's a great way to get them singing and dancing.

Safari Ant

Last Sunday I met up with Florence from new women's clothing company, Safari Ant. 

Safari Ant works with young people from impoverished communities, training them to make quality handcrafted products to enable them to enter the global supply chain. If you buy Safari Ant, you are changing lives. 

This job has been in the pipeline for quite a while now. Florence is soon to launch her new website, which is where these photos will appear. A second photo shoot takes place in the studio tomorrow.

***UPDATE 18/11/15*** 

All of my photos are now live on Safari Ant's new website. Check them out here: