Dio & Delilah

Last Sunday I welcomed a pair of gorgeous ferrets called Dio and Delilah to my Cheltenham photography studio for the first ever professional photo shoot! 

Their owner, Julie, was keen to have some pro photos of them done as they are both getting quite old. She got them about five years ago from a rescue centre after they had been brought in with their litter of babies. The babies were all re-homed and she fell for these two! 

It would be fair to say Delilah had far more energy than Dio, who was showing his age, bless him! In terms of photo opportunities though, he was by far the easier subject, choosing not to move very much! Delilah on the other hand was pretty nimble and hard to keep in one place! My prop cupboard got a good work out! An old pair of army boots and a vintage satchel contained the pair just long enough to get the shots we wanted.

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