Mrs Tiggy Winkle

On Tuesday evening, The Mousehole was thrilled to open it's doors to Mrs Tiggy Winkle, a hedgehog who was small in size but big in character! 

To prepare for the shoot, I spent careful time picking out props that I thought might suit a tiny mammal. Having never worked with a hedgehog before, I was unsure what to expect. Would she freeze at the sight of me? Curl up into a ball for the entire shoot? Shy away from the flash of the strobe? Hah. She was a natural in front of the camera!

She arrived in a very unassuming small, cardboard box.  After being carefully unwrapped from her cosy nest, she was placed in my studio setting. She was very active and extremely inquisitive, nosing in suitcases stuffed with toys and old vintage buckets bursting with colourful balls. She was completely unfazed by it all.

She was extremely patient with me and her handler, as she was carefully wedged into old boots, a child's wooden truck and asked to roll into a ball on demand! She was a star.

An hour quickly flew by but it was the best hour I have enjoyed in The Mousehole so far.