Winston's Wish - Rebrand

Last week Winston’s Wish asked if I could come into their offices in Cheltenham to take some photos of some of the children wearing their new branding. It was a joy, as always, to work with the children and always fun too, despite the difficult circumstances. As well as some rebranding shots, they also needed some pictures of their help desk and a few posed thank you’s to various local businesses.

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Winston's Wish - Bettridge School

Winston’s Wish is a charity that sits very close to my heart so it’s always an absolute privilege when they ask me to photograph one of their sessions. This particular event took place at Bettridge School in Cheltenham. I was there for just a few hours to document some activities the children were doing, including memory jars and circle time. Despite the difficult times these children face, the room is always full of smiles and positive energy.

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Mother's Day Service

The Mother's Day service at my local Church, St Philip and St James in Leckhampton, is always a really joyful occasion so it was a real pleasure to be asked if I could photograph it. 

Due to reordering works in the Church, the service took place at St James school, just a little further down the road. It was a very touching service, where Mum's were given posies and Natalia Spencer was given a special blessing as she embarked on another Walk of Love in memory of her daughter Elizabeth. Click here to see the photos from that. 

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Winston's Wish - Rebrand

Last month I popped down to Winston's Wishes offices on the Royal Crescent, Cheltenham, for a photo shoot to launch their exciting new rebrand. I've only just been able to release the images as they have been top secret until the launch date just a few weeks ago.

The brief was to capture a combination of natural shots and mock up role plays with one of the practitioners. My favourite type of photos are always the more candid ones where the children are at ease and engaged in their activities. 

I've done many, many photo shoots for Winston's Wish over the years. To view more of them just click on this link and scroll down the page. Thanks!

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Winston's Wish - Away Weekend

I've been so busy with work this past month that I'm only just getting around to posting my blogs from jobs I completed in May. This was one of my favourites.

Winston's Wish is a charity very close to my heart and so I am always more than happy to help them with anything they need photographing. I never charge a fee or ask for travel expenses and they receive all the files, which I fully edit and art work. 

This time they were at the Wilderness Centre in the Forest of Dean for a weekend away for those who had lost a loved one through suicide or manslaughter. It was pretty hard going at times but as always the children smiled their way through it and when they couldn't, the amazing staff at Winston's Wish were there to support them and help them work through things.

There were many activities for the children to get involved with including archery, rock climbing and painting. These gave them some light relief from the real issues facing the children. The main focus of the weekend, as always, was the group work, which is always tough. There is lots of talking, use of memory stones and memory boxes, which help the children to understand and process their grief.

If you would like to see more examples of my work for Winston's Wish then simply scroll through the Charity home page. Likewise, if you run a charity and have an event you would like photographing then please get in touch using my contact page. Alternatively you can call me on 07983 465414. I don't normally charge a fee but it depends on individual circumstances. Thanks!

Walk of Love

Just before Valentines, Natalia Spencer arrived back in Cheltenham after completing her epic 6,000 mile walk around the UK's coastline. Natalia was walking in memory of her daughter, Elizabeth Spencer, who tragically died in 2015, and to raise money for the Bristol Children's Hospital, where Elizabeth was treated.  

The walk of love took place around Park Campus and echoed the one that was done last February, to mark the start of Natalia's walk. It again involved St James' Primary School, where Elizabeth was a pupil. It was fantastic to see the whole school come together once more and show such a united front. In between dodging buses and cars, I managed to capture all of the action. I even got a few snaps of local MP Alex Chalk. At the end there was another balloon release, samba band and lots of happy tears. It was very touching.

To find out more about Elizabeth's story and Natalia's plans please go to or to donate

Winston's Wish - Royal Crescent

Last week I was at Winston's Wish's new offices on the Royal Crescent in Cheltenham. Off the success of my other photo shoots with them they were keen for even more photos to use across their online marketing and media platforms. 

On my arrival I was welcomed into the reception area where I was delighted to see many brochures covered top to toe in my pictures. Winston's Wish holds a special place in my heart for personal reasons and I felt very proud to see that my photos were making a real difference to this worthy charity.

The children arrived and they spent the morning playing in one of the new counselling rooms. The aim of the shoot was lots of reportage pictures. There was plenty to keep them entertained. From a sand table, to craft and musical instruments, the room was soon filled with lots of laughter and joy. 

I don't ask for any fee for charity work. If you run a charity and are in need of some professional photos then please do get in touch with me. Either drop me an email using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414. Thanks!

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Singing for Syrians

Last week I was invited along to photograph a fantastic fundraising event for Syrian refugees. Local bilingual children's group, Babel Babies, were sponsoring it and the venue was The Suffolk Anthology Book Shop. Together, with Syrian children’s book author and illustrator - Nadine Kaadan - they hosted an afternoon of storytelling, singing and crafts. It was an event in Arabic, French and English for the Syrian children who have come to live in Gloucestershire. It was a great chance for everyone to practise their Arabic nursery rhymes and hear some beautiful Arabic picture books being read by the author herself! The event was being held in conjunction with Gloucestershire’s refugee support charities GARAS and Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees.

Gracie, Aston & Campbell

Day 2 of the Winston's Wish family work sessions. This time with the ever so adorable Gracie and her big brothers, Aston and Campbell. They've lost their Dad but like Bethany and Paige yesterday, they were happy to be photographed and have their story shared.

Working with such vulnerable children demonstrates my enormous sensitivity and care towards all the subjects that I photograph. Perhaps it is because I know what they are going through because despite the struggles these kids are currently facing, the room was full of smiles - some happy, and some with a sense of sadness.  

Winston's Wish - Memory Stones

As part of Monday's session we made the most of the beautiful sunshine to take some photos of sisters, Bethany and Paige, doing some Memory Stone work outside. 

Memory Stones are a tool that Winston's Wish use to help children understand and process their grief. Smooth stones are for every day memories, gem stones are for very precious memories and rough rocks are for more difficult memories. Here, Bethany and Paige, each hold a gem stone.

Winston's Wish - Teenagers

On Monday I spent the morning at Winston's Wish, the charity for bereaved children. I do a lot of voluntary photography work for this charity; I lost my own Mum when I was 11 years old. 

The charity is desperately trying to reach out to teenagers. They want to encourage more to come forward and talk about the grief and loss, and help them make positive steps forward in their life. It's vital therefore they are able to connect with the images.

Sisters, Bethany and Paige, are going through their own difficulties at the moment and yet despite this wanted to help with the photo shoot. I understand from talking to their Mum that it was a really good thing for them to have done. 

Pip & Jim's Mother's Day Service

Here are the pictures from this morning's Mothering Sunday Church service, which I
attended with my own mini mice. All the Mummies received a single yellow rose. I dedicated mine to my own Mum, who passed away 24 years ago. To all the Mum's out there who have lost a child, and to all the children who have lost a Mum. Happy Mother's Day.

Babel Babies

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of catching up with the super talented Cate Hamilton, co-founder of Babel Babies; fun multi-sensory music and movement sessions exploring foreign languages with songs and stories from around the world.

Babel Babies was my very first job when I launched Mouse About Town back in 2013. I can't believe it's been nearly two years, doesn't time fly! 

The sessions take place on a weekly basis in the Exmouth Arms on the Bath Road in Cheltenham. They are fun and relaxed, with the emphasis on learning languages through music and play.

Below are some of the photos from yesterday's session. I hope you like them.


Pip & Jim's Baptism

The church of St Philip & St James sits in the heart of the Leckhampton community. It is also very special to us now that Jenson, our eldest, has started in reception at St Philip & St James' Primary School.

As a family, we often attend the family friendly service, which is held on the first of every month. It's always such a delight to see the children, (and all their noises!) so warmly welcomed. 

I've got to know Nick Davies, the vicar, very well over the past few years, having previously taken professional photographs of Harvest and Pentecost, not to mention the epic Bubble & Squeak book challenge! 

Last Sunday Nick asked if I could pop along to the family service to take some new photos for him, in particular of the children and the three baptisms that were taking place during the service too! I was joined by Mr Mouse and our two baby squeakers and had lots of fun capturing these shots, with Miss Mouse climbing all over me for the duration!

Pip & Jim's Church - Pentecost

Nick, the vicar at St Philips and St James' Church in Leckhampton, Cheltenham, recently asked if I could come along to their Pentecost service and take some photos. It's always such a pleasure.

I work with Nick and the Church on a regular basis and they are currently trying to raise funds for their big roof appeal. It's such a worthwhile cause and the Church does a lot of good work within the local community, I feel it is very important to support it.

Pip & Jim's Church - Harvest

As a family, my husband and I and our two young children, Jenson and Wren, enjoy the family services that take place on the first Sunday of each month at St Philips and St James' Church in Leckhampton, Cheltenham. It's refreshing to feel so warmly welcomed with the little ones laughing, screaming and shouting, which is actively encouraged throughout the service! 

As a photographer, I first got involved with the Church when Nick, the vicar, asked if I could take some pictures of their Harvest Festival.

I now work with Nick and the team on a regular basis and it's such a pleasure.