Lilliputs Christmas Concert 2014

This is the second time that Kate Skeet, founder of Lilliput Concerts, has asked me to come along to photograph her wonderful child friendly classical concert. 

Lilliput's Christmas concert was truly magical. 

Concerts take place on a monthly basis at St Andre's Church in Cheltenham. The music is proper grown up classical, but in bite sized, toddler attention-span friendly chunks. Each conert lasts for around 40 minutes. For more information go to

Gill is the regular photographer for Lilliput Concerts, taking great pictures for us. She is always friendly, discreet & efficient, getting great shots of performers & audience alike whilst respecting the wishes of those who don’t want to appear in photos for our publicity. Whenever I publish a selection of Gill’s photos, our concert page hit rate increases.
— Kate Skeet, January 2015