The Confetti Fields Cont.

Last Tuesday I was at the Confetti Fields in Pershore for back to back photo shoots with families keen to get some beautiful pictures of their children in amongst the gorgeous flowers.

The delphinium fields are only open for two weeks every year and they can get very busy. I chose a weekday to avoid the crowds. There wasn't not much shade either, but luckily there was a good breeze that day, which helped to take the heat out of the sun. 

It was lovely to meet all the children. After my first three photo shoots with the younger ones, my next two were a little older. First up was Taya, who loved giving her teddy a cuddle, throwing bunches of delphinium flowers in the air, which her Mum had bought from the shop, and enjoying snuggles with her Mum. Max was my only boy of the day and he was a cool customer dressed in his hat and shades! 

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