Photo Shoot @ Hulberts Farm

Last Tuesday evening I popped down to Sara and Andrew's farm in Swindon Village, Cheltenham to photograph their many children and animals!

I've got to know Sara quite well - she supplies me with all my chickens and feed, through their family business Hulberts Country Feeds. If you keep poultry or want delicious free range, fresh, local eggs, pop down and visit Sara, she's extremely welcoming.

It was great to meet Sara and Andrew's children - Perdi, Ellie and Charlie. They were extremely entertaining and clearly love living on the farm, enjoying all the benefits it has to offer.

I also met a couple of their pet pekin bantams, a rather humorous and hard to catch turkey, two ferrets called Hob and Gill (!) and a very cute labrador puppy!

This shoot was great fun. It highlights how it's not about trying to get all the children to look at me and smile, but about capturing their personalities within the shot. As Sara put it herself, with reference to the black and white photos of the children in the barn, "Perdi is a good girl, stand nicely and look at the camera, Charlie is mischievous and never does what he's told and Elie is just a loon!"

It was a 90 minute photo shoot and Sara received all of the high resolution jpeg files within a week. It cost £90. If you would like to book something similar please get in touch using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414. 

I hope you like the photos. 

Really good pictures and was great on the day around our farm she was happy to wait for the perfect shot which isn’t easy when working with children and animals!! Very pleased with the results many thanks. Would definitely recommend!
— Andrew Hulbert, July 2015