Sunny & Jaya

On Saturday I whisked myself off to Hatherley Park to meet gorgeous Sunny and Jaya for some fun, family photos! 

It's been a while since I've done a photo shoot at Hatherley Park so it was great to get back there. Like most 4 and 2 year olds, (I've two of my own!) Sunny and Jaya had bags of energy to burn! Sunny had great fun showing me how good he was on the fire man's pole and Jaya loved the swings!

After 10 minutes or so in the playground I suggested we take a walk through the park. Sunny loved playing hide and seek with me. This is always a good game to play as I use the time counting to secretly see where they are  hiding and adjust the camera settings to correctly expose for the light levels. When I creep up on them and shout BOO! my camera is ready to go to get the perfect picture!

Stunning. Love upside down Sonny and Jaya on the swing. Really love them. Thank you so much.
— Lisa Basran, January 2016