Charlie's Cake Smash

On Saturday I welcomed Elodie and her baby sister Charlotte, affectionately called Charlie, into my Cheltenham studio along with Mum and Dad. I think this is about the fourth photo shoot I've done for Alex and Greg Parker. They're moving to France in September and the shoot coincided well with Charlie's 1st birthday, their wedding anniversary and a bit of a bon voyage!

We started the extended cake smash session off, (so an hour rather than 45 minutes) with some family portraits. The one we all love best is probably where Elodie has her back to the camera when she refused to turn around, one of those moments that you probably had to be there for! Alex and Greg wanted me to take the shot anyway and it highlights how a photo should capture the moment! We moved on to some candid shots of the girls before the cake smash commenced. It was lovely to see Charlie enjoy her cake so much! We did a quick tidy up with 15 minutes left and rounded things off with some more shots of the two girls.