Little Elliot was fantastic with a capital F! A very smiley, happy and adorably chunky bubbly boy! I arrived in plenty of time to set up, as I always do for a newborn shoot, and had a quick scout around the house before opting for the family bedroom upstairs. There was a nice amount of light coming in from a side window and a lovely large, super soft bed. It was also the warmest room in the house, perfect if little one was going to be in the nude.

Below is just a small selection of photos. As with all my newborn shoots, all pictures are included in the price. I think this particular family received over twenty images, all of which they were very pleased with. Go to my review page to see what they said about their experience with me. Click here.

If you would like to book something similar then please get in touch using my contact page or send an email to info@mouseabouttown.co.uk. All pictures are included in the price of the shoot. Alternatively, give me a call on 07983 465414.  I'd love to hear from you. Thanks. 

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