Farewell Party for Leo the Pony

It all began with a rather strange phone call, from a lady, (Anna) who was interested in booking a photographer to capture her son's pony's farewell party. 'Leo' was to be returned to his owners in Surrey after a Summer long loan at his holiday home in the Cotswolds. It was all very touching. 

We broke the shoot down into two parts - the first part was to focus on Anna's son, Ettie, and Leo. I met them at the stables and we spent an informal hour together, snapping Leo and Ettie's final farewell. For pictures from this shoot go to http://www.mouseabouttown.co.uk/pets/

The following week I went round to Anna's house in Charlton Kings, for Leo's final farewell party. It's not often you walk into someone's back garden and find a pony and a make shift 'Costa' coffee. The children's moods weren't dampened by the rubbish weather, and Ettie, along with his two best friends, gave Leo a send off to remember. Bonkers but brilliant!