Alila's Naming Ceremony

Alila is a beautiful little girl who I have photographed on a few occasions now. 

Helen, Alila's Mummy, wanted to celebrate the birth of her daughter in a non-religious ceremony. It's a lovely idea, which is becoming more and more popular.

I was very excited when Helen asked me to come along to capture the special day. It was my first naming ceremony but in a way it was very similar to the many weddings that I photograph, (check out for all my wedding work). My approach to weddings is very simple. I'm very discreet and subtle. I document events gently from the background. Many people are hardly aware that I'm there, as I tend to pick out unusual spots and angles. The results are very natural , very unassuming photographs that capture tender and real moments. 

I arrived in time to capture the build up prior to the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and a little bit of the fun after too, (including the hog roast, which I was lucky enough to sample!)