Giant January Give Away!

Every Wednesday throughout January I ran a series of free photo shoots that lots of you snapped up! I visited some beautiful locations in and around Cheltenham including Crickley Hill, Pilley Bridge Nature Reserve, the Honeybourne Line, Painswick Rococo Gardens and Pittville Park. Due to atrocious weather I was forced to reschedule the final day of photo shoots and in the end they were carried out over two days and were split between Pilley Bridge and Pittville.

I met some wonderful characters over the two days - lots of giggly children, parents, carers and some cute pooches too! We all had a super time taking in the winter sunshine and enjoying the main play area at Pittville on a very quiet day! Below are a few of my favourite pics.


What a character this little chap was! He just loved playing peep-o with me and was clearly enjoying the thrill of standing on his own two feet - quite literally, having just learned how to stand up holding on to things! 

Robyn & Penny

Robyn's Mum told me that Penny the basset hound is Robyn's best friend and you could quiet clearly see how much she loves her pooch!


I had so much fun chasing this little dude around the playground. He loved whizzing down the slide and peeping at me through the window of the children's playground!


Our photo shoot at Pilley Bridge had quite a sleepy start! He looks so snuggled and cosy though, doesn't he!

Sophie & Annabelle

These super sisters had so much fun playing on the old railway tracks at Pilley Bridge!

mouse camera left.png