Bird Studies

Armed with my new Nikkor 300mm f2.8mm lens I've been out in the bird hide in our garden trying to get some photos of our friendly feathered visitors. We've put out all manner of bird feed and treats in the hope of making our garden the No. 1 spot in Cheltenham for birds to come and banquet!

Although I've been working as a professional photographer for the last five years or so, wildlife photography is not something I've ever been able to take up what with the children being so young. However, simply getting out in the garden for twenty minutes or so in between jobs, home schooling and the kids gives me a bit of a toe in the water.

So this is my blog about all things birdie. I'll be adding photos to it as and when I take any that are worth posting. I'll also be posting any pics I capture from places we visit as a family such as bird parks etc.