Chillin' Chinchilla

The Cheltenham Animal Shelter recently popped into The Mousehole with some rescued animals for me to photograph.

I've not had much experience of Chinchilla's so I had no idea what to expect. I suggested to the handler that he might like to pop him on the floor. Bad idea. He was off like lightening and we spent the next 10 minutes trying to catch him again as he darted among the props!

I was told by the handler that Chinchilla's love to hide in dark places, so I rethought my approach and plucked out an old satchel, which I'd found at a local flea market.

Sure enough it worked, we managed to get the Chinchilla in the satchel and tucked in long enough for me to get into position with my camera ready for when he peeped out! 

This friendly little chap is still looking for a home. For more information please contact The Cheltenham Animal Shelter on 01242 523521 or visit their website at