Little Joseph was very shy when he arrived at my Cheltenham photography studio for his 'Studiocation' shoot. I'm very used to handling children like him, (I have one of my own!) so I gently talked to him about his favourite toys and games to try and help put him at ease. After 5 minutes or so I asked his Mum to pop him on the infinity backdrop but he clung onto her leg for dear life still so I suggested we start outside for the location part of the shoot. The child is far less aware of my presence outside and it's much easier for them to roam and play.

Sure enough, little Joseph was whizzing round on a trike in no time and giving me lots of gorgeous smiles! We had a look in the caravan and played hide and seek under the table. After about 20 minutes I suggested we try and go back in to the studio. Joseph was still a little timid but was much more relaxed and when I pulled out a monster truck I think it won him over!