CheltenhamMaman Launch

Last Friday morning I attended the CheltenhamMaman launch event at Pittville Pump Rooms, Cheltenham. 

CheltenhamMaman is a brand new website and events management site established in 2016 by Kate Starkey, local girl and Mum of three.

Kate spent the months following the birth of her new baby watching the social media accounts of London City mummies and grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of local networking, support and events for Mums who just want to hang out with and learn from other Mums but with a difference.

CheltenhamMaman is a parenting site and support network for Mums who are less interested in debating the merits of breast or bottle and more interested in surviving the day without getting baby sick on their brand new funky trainers that they bought with the last of their emergency savings. These Mums love their kids, but they won’t forget who they are. They are unique, true to themselves and just doing the stuff they got to do to get them through the day. Some of them are thriving; building brands and empires, others are just finding their feet and need a little support and that's where CheltenhamMaman comes in!

It was a great event with a fantastic turn out. Coffee and cake greeted people on their arrival and various stalls and fundraisers enticed the ladies to pamper themselves whilst raising money for good causes.

As people took to their seats, the 'Loose Women' style panel entered on stage. They debated a wide variety of mother and parenting topics, entering into discussions between other members of the panel and their audience. Advice was freely shared and given with time at the end for questions and answers. 

If you haven't already checked out CheltenhamMaman then visit their website at