Fit Inside Out

Last Thursday evening I attended the launch night of Fit Inside Out. This new fitness studio is the brain child of Nikki Ryder, who is also a Mum to 9 month old Jasmine and 9 year old Livvy.

Fit Inside Out is all about giving women the strength they need to get through every day life more easily, and the way to do that? Encouraging women to be fit from the inside out.

Nikki offers personal fitness programmes put together by herself to help women achieve whatever targets they are aiming for. It's about being positive and loving who you are. Her launch night oozed this positivity, and Nikki's natural charm rubbed off on everybody in the room!

After informal mingling, drinking and canapes Nikki made a great speech as her daughter Livvy looked on at her admirably.

A few weeks prior to Nikki's launch night, I also photographed her in action in her studio. Scroll to the end to see the pictures. She invites women into her home for studio work in her converted garage as well as baby/mother stretches in her living room.

It's a great business with a concept that I think many women can relate to. Go check out her Facebook page at