This beautiful Bengal cat was brought into my Cheltenham photography studio last week. Although very shy to begin with, she eventually settled and we got some fabulous photos. I even got a chance to pull down the black infinity backdrop and play around with some different lighting arrangements.

If you have a pet or animal that you would like photographed then I'd love to hear from you. Just give me a call on 07983 465414 or drop me an email using my contact page. All digital files included. No copyright restrictions. Thanks!

Mrs Tiggy Winkle

On Tuesday evening, The Mousehole was thrilled to open it's doors to Mrs Tiggy Winkle, a hedgehog who was small in size but big in character! 

To prepare for the shoot, I spent careful time picking out props that I thought might suit a tiny mammal. Having never worked with a hedgehog before, I was unsure what to expect. Would she freeze at the sight of me? Curl up into a ball for the entire shoot? Shy away from the flash of the strobe? Hah. She was a natural in front of the camera!

She arrived in a very unassuming small, cardboard box.  After being carefully unwrapped from her cosy nest, she was placed in my studio setting. She was very active and extremely inquisitive, nosing in suitcases stuffed with toys and old vintage buckets bursting with colourful balls. She was completely unfazed by it all.

She was extremely patient with me and her handler, as she was carefully wedged into old boots, a child's wooden truck and asked to roll into a ball on demand! She was a star.

An hour quickly flew by but it was the best hour I have enjoyed in The Mousehole so far.

One Man and his Dogs

Having had a few photo shoots with me previously, Alex Parker bought her Dad, David, a gift voucher for a 30 minute location shoot for his birthday. 

The idea behind the shoot was to get some photos of him with his two beloved Collie dogs, 9 year old Katie and 5 year old Alice up on Cleeve Hill. It was an absolutely stunning evening; the light was magical and we had enormous fun trying to get Alice and Katie to sit still long enough for a photo!   

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If you would like to book a similar photo shoot then please get in touch using my contact page or give me a call on 07983 465414.


The Cheltenham Animal Shelter recently popped into The Mousehole with some rescued animals for me to photograph.

Matty is a beautiful Dalmatian. He was bought into the shelter with his Mum, as his owners could no longer look after them.  Since the photo shoot I am pleased to say that both Matty and his Mum have found new homes.

For more information about The Cheltenham Animal Shelter please visit their website at http://gawa.org.uk/.

Fi Fi & Fiona

The Cheltenham Animal Shelter recently popped into The Mousehole with some rescued animals for me to photograph.

First up were a pair of Lurchers; sisters called Fi Fi and Fiona. They were stray dogs that came to the Cheltenham Animal Shelter from another rescue centre in Wales. They are believed to be about 3 years old and are currently looking for a new and loving home. 

For more information please contact The Cheltenham Animal Shelter on 01242 523521 or visit their website at http://gawa.org.uk/.

Leo The Pony

Young Etti and his pony, Leo, had spent a fun Summer together. Sadly, Leo's holiday in the Cotswolds was coming to an end and he was soon to return to his Surrey owners. 

Anna, Etti's Mum, had asked if I could come up to the stables for an hour or so to take some final farewell photos of Leo and Etti together, shots that Etti could look back on with fond memories.

I hope these photos do just that for him.

Horsing Around

This was one of Mouse About Town's earliest photo shoots, at the beautiful Grange Cottage Stables in the heart of the Cotswold countryside.

The photo shoot took place in early Spring, but there was a lovely mist in the air that reminded me of Autumn. The horses and children were all naturals in front of the lens. 

As an ex-rider myself I thoroughly enjoyed being on the yard again around all the familiar smells, tackle and grooming equipment. Sadly I didn't make it onto one of the horses, but there's always next time...